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About Orpheus Internet

Orpheus Internet is a London-based software consultancy founded in 2004. Since our inception we have helped hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals achieve their goals through affordable software solutions, design and hosting. Here are some of the services we provide. For more information or to request a quote for your project, please contact us.

Website Development

Orpheus Internet can cater for all of your coding, design and website development needs. All of our coding is done in-house, and we gaurantee quality, security and excellence in our work. We are specialists in PHP, MySQL, LAMP, IIS, Apache, ASP, Java Server Pages as well as a wide range of other scripting languages, tools and platforms. For some examples of our work, please take a look at our portfolio.

Graphical Design

Orpheus Internet has a team of specialist designers who can ensure that your website appears professional, stylish and easy to navigate. Our websites have won several awards and distinctions for aesthetic excellence.

Data and Security

We take your data and security very seriously. Our web servers are hosted within secure facilities in Kent, UK with comprehensive backup, fire-protection and other security measures stringently adhered to. We are experts at managing and organising data, and can create a solution to optimally serve the needs of your business.

Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising

We can ensure that your website reaches your target audience by getting your pages into Google. We are also highly experienced with PPC advertising and all aspects or website promotion and marketing.


We can provide bespoke web hosting solutions for a wide range of needs, from enterprise-scale solutions to personal websites for individuals. Please contact us for a quote. All hosting is fully-managed by our team of experts.

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